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App Functionality - PromoNear

PromoNear provides you with location aware promotions, offers, specials etc - where you want it and when you want it.

You are presented with promotions from the retailers/enterprises around your location. These offers are customized to your preferences and behavior so that you are presented with offers that make sense to you. You can choose which categories of offers you get shown and also prioritize among the categories.

You can save your favorite offers to use them at a later time and you can also rate the offers! You can even share your great offers with your friends on Facebook and twitter. You can even leave your comments about the offer for the enterprise to know how you feel about the offer - the more they know about your needs, the better the deal they can offer!

How about getting rewarded for using these offers? Keep piling on the reward points to exchange with cool gift cards.

PromoNear strives to provide you with the best customer experience and provide you with the best deals... Happy shopping!

Please explore the below features of PromoNear. Look forward to serving you!


Location Based Offers

Location Based Offers 

The app delivers the best of class offers, promotions, specials etc based on where you are - the right offers at the right time. 

Ever thought about what offers a store has when you are in the vicinity of a store? Now you can know what are the offers, promortions they have.

Save money on the things you like and want. 



Why not get rewarded for buying the things you need? 

You can earn rewards points with PromoNear by utilizing the offers provided by the stores - so you not only get great deals, but also get rewarded for saving money!

Personalized offers

Personalized Offers

The offers you receive are customized to your requirements so that they are meaningful and useful to you. 

The app learns about your behavior and intelligently chooses the offers which makes most sense for you. 

Haven't been to that restaurant around the corner? Maybe you will get a personalized offer to try it out! Frequent shopper at your favourite store? Maybe the store will provide you with a special offer to thank you for your patronage!


Category Filter

The app gives you the flexibility to choose which category offers you want to see and also to prioritize the categories so that you see the most appropriate offers at the top. 

You can always change this setting to customize which offers you need at that moment, so that your most important needs are addressed first!



You like the offer but want to save it for later? Now you can save the offers you like to your favourites and use it before the offer expires.

You can see all your saved offers in the favourite section of the app and can easily go to that offer/promotion whenever you need to... but don't forget to utilize the offer before it expires!


Offer Popularity

Love the offer presented to you? Then you can like the offer and increase its popularity. You can also see how many others have liked this offer and how popular the offer is. 

The more the app knows about the offers you like, the better it will meet your needs.

You can also share the offer with your friends on social media and spread the savings to others!

Offer Popularity

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